Tender Lover

To my General who inspired this piece. Thank You.
You climb into bed behind me, spooning me. Sliding your hand up my thigh, hip and waist till you cup my breast and start fondling it while kissing and nibbling my neck & shoulder.
Me reaching behind to find your growing hardness and slow and gently stroking you till your rock hard. Continue reading


Frustrated I rollover and groan into the pillow; I miss him. I miss the way his tongue strokes my clit, coaxes it out, makes it swell while he slips two fingers into me to find that sweet spot that he’ll use to strip me of the last of my control.

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“At Dusk” you said as you left the bed depriving me of your attention
“Now” I pled, wrists bound above my head as my body lay squirming and naked
“Not yet” you assured with lips so warm making mine feel cold and alone
“Please” I begged as you took the pillow from my head and placed it caringly beneath my arse

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“You’re playing with me!” he declared sitting back from his books and folding his arms as if he’d figured out the meaning of life.
I raised a brow but didn’t bother to look over at where he sat one table over in the second level of the university library.

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 Aisling Weaver has started a weekly writing prompt for smut writers called Fuck Me Friday.
Here is my attempt. I wasn’t really feeling it today, but I hope you like it anyway.
Another muggy and hot summer’s night that left me sleepless. I hated this heat, it zapped my energy, but worse than that it made me insatiably horny. All I wanted was a tongue lapping at my juicy cunt, and a hard cock to suck and lick like a Calipo before it pounded me into the mattress.

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The Kiss

I didn’t hear you arrive home, or enter our room after your full day of work. You found me laying naked on our bed; headphones on, breathing heavy, my hand gently teasing my clit, the other fondling my breast. I couldn’t hear you strip off your clothes as you must have watched me touch myself; teasing myself to pleasure. I couldn’t hear you over the sound of her cumming in my ears. Continue reading