“At Dusk” you said as you left the bed depriving me of your attention
“Now” I pled, wrists bound above my head as my body lay squirming and naked
“Not yet” you assured with lips so warm making mine feel cold and alone
“Please” I begged as you took the pillow from my head and placed it caringly beneath my arse

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I sit in the car composing myself like always. It is an essential process for entering your house. You have the ability to sweep me off my feet and I dare say it’s your intention half the time to do so. For that reason I take the time, put my shields in place before every encounter, protect myself. Continue reading


I didn’t dare draw attention to myself. I sat so still I think I may have stopped breathing. He paced slowly waiting out his prey; who would it be tonight?
Emily twitched as he passed her near the kitchen sink and he stopped to examine her more closely.
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I lay perfectly still, barely breathing, so anxious as he appraised me.
He moved closer, ran one callused hand up my near leg, to my bent knee. His fingers inside my knee, his other hand pinned my feet to the table before he tugged and spread my thighs to hip width apart.

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It was like swimming against the tide trying to resist my desire for him. But I did it every god forsaken day. He’d walk into my office, enquire how my work load looked today and either asks me to help him out with some major project or just smile that gorgeous smile and continue onto his office next door.

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