My Fuck Me Friday is a little different this week. It has risen from a conversation I had with the lovely Mina of At Longings End about men in suits. I love Mina’s blog so make sure you check it out afterwards and don’t forget to go support all the other Fuck Me Friday writers via the link at the bottom of the page to the beautiful Aisling Weaver’s site. 
Below is only my side of the conversation as that is all I have licence to publish, but you know, I think it’ll be enough ;)

Men in suits…yum! Slowly taking their ties off, unbuttoning their shirts, belts *sigh*
And then of course those ties and belts have use in the bedroom too
And when they unzip those suit pants…

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The dildo fell to the floor with a heavy thud.
“I suck at this!” I exploded.
He casually picked it up and walked to the bathroom to wash it off.
When he came back into the room he chuckled at my vexation and held out the dildo to me.
With only a groan of frustration I rolled and pushed back onto all fours.

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There had been a definite beat to it. A music to back up the sound of my voice and his in a duet of passion.
A symphony had been in the room with us, filling our ears as his hard thrusts had pressed my head to the bed head causing my neck to be at a weird angle. Continue reading