His caress is cool against my hot skin
Skin warmed & flushed from the heat of the day
I sigh as I feel him move up my legs
settle between my open thighs
exposing and using the dampness of my arousal.

His breath creates currents of cool air
Across my bare abdomen
massages my breasts, circles the areola
Till he plucks my nipples hard and eager.
His mouth at my throat arches my back
allows his hands to slide under
keeps me there, held ready.
He moves into me
my molten heat engulfing him, melting him
I cry out with the pleasure of him, the feel of him
let the night hear and echo my delight.
I roll and settle into my lovers embrace
let his caress and kisses lull me into the void
Lay sated and sleeping
in the arms of Night.

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