The Kiss

I didn’t hear you arrive home, or enter our room after your full day of work. You found me laying naked on our bed; headphones on, breathing heavy, my hand gently teasing my clit, the other fondling my breast. I couldn’t hear you strip off your clothes as you must have watched me touch myself; teasing myself to pleasure. I couldn’t hear you over the sound of her cumming in my ears.

The first I knew of your presence was when the bed dipped and you shoved my hand out of the way of your mouth at my already sensitive clit. You cleaned me of my lust while my fingers gripped in your short dark hair after recovering from the initial shock. And yes my love, it was her mouth I felt kissing me so thoroughly. Her mouth delving into my most wondrous depths, her fingers fucking me as her mouth ascended my soft belly to nibble and tantalise my breast.

It wasn’t until your mouth reached mine, the stubble of your chin on the sensitive skin of my neck, that I acknowledged your presence. You took out one of the ear pieces and chuckled as you listened to her moans, to her calling my name.

“I told you she liked you” was all you said.

My heart caught in my throat as you placed the headphone in your ear and turned up the volume before capturing my mouth in a deep hungry kiss. Your fingers pressed into my flooding cunt and you fucked me for her. Fucked me till my body clenched tight over your fingers in readiness to join her climax, then you pulled away, leaving me empty and on edge.

You left me begging while you tenderly kissed over my abdomen, caressed my curves and waited out the finale of her pleasure opera. Then when the recording had ended, you removed our ear pieces, kissed me deeply, passionately, and sheathed your solid thickness in me. I so nearly came over your cock on penetration; it felt so good having you open me up to you.

You fucked me slow, tender, but deep; pressing past the end point within me as if you hoped to enter my womb completely. I held back from the edge of climax, barely, but I did for the longest time. I held back my surrender till you throbbed in me, till you groaned so deep in your throat. Until your mouth enclosed my nipple and the resulting electrical nerve impulses that fired to my womb threw me from the edge of ecstasy and left me screaming your name.

You let yourself join in the celebration of my surrender, your teeth marking the top of my breast, branding me yours. You filled me with your claim, thrusting deep enough to hurt if I hadn’t already been in the throes of orgasm. And as I lay there gasping for oxygen, your hand gripped my chin, forcing my eyes and mouth to you so you could claim me there too. You stole what little breath I had, flexed your still hard cock inside me and forced me to come for you again.

“Mine!” you murmured to my ear before placing a kiss above my pulse.

You raised up to let me see the seriousness in your eyes.

“You can fantasise about anyone you want. But you only get to cum for me!”

I nodded my understanding of the directive in those pitch black eyes.

“Good girl” you smiled and kissed me lovingly.

The kiss that stole me in the first place so many years past and would keep me for so many years to come. The kiss that said ‘you are my heart, my soul, my everything.’ The kiss that ensured, no matter who tried to steal me from you this week, I would never be lured away.

But a little fantasy…well, that you would indulge me.

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