Come to Bed

Can I take you to bed with me tonight?

I would straddle your naked thighs, kiss you slow and deep, let my tongue explore the sensuous cavity of your mouth.I would slide back as I kissed down your neck to find the buds of your nipples; flick my tongue over them while my hand cupped your balls and massaged gently.
I would leave a wet path down your abdomen to find your cock with my mouth.
Circle my tongue around the head, suck just the nob in my mouth, delve my tongue into your slit before engulfing you in my hot moist mouth. Sliding up and down while my tongue danced an intricate circle around your shaft, pressing hard against that nice thick vein along the base as I came up and rose to smile at you.
I’d push you back to lay on the bed as I straddled you and placed your hard cock between my wet labia. Sliding it back and forth, using your cock to tease my clit. Then I’d push down over you, taking first, just your head, then bit by bit, I’d take more and more until I had more than half of your large shaft buried within me.
That’s when I’d take the rest of you  in one hard thrust; follow that thrust with another, and another.
I’d ride you hard, one of your hands gripping my hips, the other groping my breast as I bounced on your hard cock. I’d ride you till you were near the edge and you threw me back onto the bed, flipped me over, pulled my hips back so that I knelt with my face to the bed and sheathed yourself in me again.
I’d cry out with pleasure as you fucked me from behind, using your grip on my hips to thrust deep.
Then your hand would follow the trail that the hollow of my waist leaves, follow my tummy down to tap and tease my clit while you pounded me.
I’d love to hear you groan when my cunt clenched tight around you, when I buried my face into the mattress and screamed out in ecstasy as I cum for you. To feel you lose your rhythm as you find your own release with my velvet walls. And lay panting beneath you in the afterglow.

So will you come to bed with me? Now?

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