There are times I hate the need to lock the front door; no more so than right now.
Pressed against it with his mouth on mine, body hot and hard even through two layers of clothing that separate us.
I didn’t want him to stop and unlock the door. By the way his hands were already under my skirt, slipping beneath the lace of my already damp scanties he didn’t plan to either.
His hot mouth began a trail down my throat as his long rough fingers slide into my moist heat. I opened my eyes; the front light was off and the garden hedge along the walk gave a certain amount of privacy. Fuck it!
I unzip his pants, pull that long thick dick free and stroke it from base to tip. Sucking my thumb I place it over the head of his cock and rub over the smooth surface. I feel it tense in reaction and smile knowing I was about to be fucked quick and hard against his front door.
I press my thumb over the slit and use his pre-cum to lubricate it’s slow massage, my fingers playing the length of his shaft, stroking the base vein, encouraging more blood for a fuller engorgement.
He had my blouse agape, slid his hand under the lace of my bra and pulls my breast free. His hot mouth found the nipple, tongue flicking out before those perfect lips closed around my hard bud.
I gasp when he uses his stubble to graze my nipple in between assaults, he smiles and returns his mouth to it. I’m grinding on his hand, his thumb rubbing my clit and his fingers stroking me slow and deep.
My hand grips his hair the same time the other clutches his thick shaft firmly. I pull his mouth to mine, his body to mine, lifting a leg to his hip as I do.
He pulls my hips forward as he presses my shoulders to the door with his hard passionate kiss. Pulling the crutch of my knickers aside I guide that glistening cock to my entrance, rise onto tiptoe and let him slide home.

He holds my thigh to his waist as he buries himself in me; the lash of his tongue matching the speedy thrust of his hips. It was never going to be a long reunion. It was the quick hard fuck of two bodies that had missed the feel of the other.
I was already on edge from his slow finger fuck so the hard thrusting of his hips had me biting my lip and cumming for him in moments. His body reacts to the tight milking of my cunt; he grunts, buries his teeth into my shoulder and fills me with his want, reclaiming me as his.
We are panting and laughing together at our impatience after so long. He pulls free as I straighten my clothes.
“Want that coffee now?” he asks knowing full well I don’t drink it.
“Sure” I chuckle and move so he can unlock his door.
The next session will be slower, deeper, longer.

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