Lose Control

He took my clothes off slowly, carefully, like I was a present being unwrapped and he wanted the slow reveal. Once naked before him, he led me to the bed, took my shoulders in his hands firmly, but still tenderly and drew my mouth to his for a deep, slow kiss.
“Lay on your stomach, head here near the edge.”
I did as he instructed, licking my lips as he unbuttoned his suit shirt, leaving it hanging while he moved his hands to his trouser pants.
“Can I?” I asked with big round eyes pleading to be the one to set him free.
He smiled slightly, nodded and stepped within my reach.He slid his shirt off while I took my time with his pants.
First I ran my hands up the inside of his thighs to find his already firm balls through the material. He preferred wool blend suits, but understanding my allergy he never wore them if he planned to have me straight from work.
I felt the solid rod of his cock, letting my hand follow its ascent, massaging his balls still with my other hand. When the tip of his cock led me to the waistband I hooked my index finger under it to touch that soft, pink flesh. I circled the pad of my finger over the apex of his cock then stroked over his slit and washed his head with his pre-cum.
A breath escaped his lips and it drew my eyes to his. He was always so careful not to let me hear or see his pleasure. He basked in the pleasure he gave me, and while I knew I pleased him, he wouldn’t keep coming back if I didn’t; his demeanour didn’t allow for showing a weakness such as receiving pleasure.
His eyes were dark, deep pools of glistening joy. But he raised a brow at me letting me know I needed to ignore that noise I’d heard. I blinked once, returned my focus to his pants. I slid my hand up his fly while I continued teasing his slit. Unlatched the waist band and tugged on the zip.
It needed the waist band to be held to come down but I din’t want to stop touching his head. I grabbed his pants and tugged him closer; he came with a chuckle. I stretched up, took the zip between my teeth and pulled it down. My free hand pushed his pants over his hips revealing that glistening polished head to me.
I licked from base to tip and took that head between my lips, using my tongue to lap as much of his delicious pre-cum as I could.
His fingers twined into my hair and pressed my mouth forward till my nose hit his abdomen. He held me there while I licked that big vein in the base of his dick. I knew if I looked up now I would find his eyes closed tight, his bottom lip caught in his teeth as he tried to restrain his control. I dragged my teeth back up his length then quickly descended again, repeating it till I felt him throb.
I stopped, keeping just his head in my mouth and sucked him hard like I knew he liked it.
He leant forward and slapped my arse. I jumped, surprised. He grabbed my arse with one hand while another came round and took my breast.
“The view from here is divine” he informed me before smacking my arse again. “Suck me!”
I did, my eyelids fluttering with each smack to my behind, moans vibrating along his shaft as he pinched and circled my nipple.
I took him into my throat, gagged, but held him there, and licked the start of his balls. He moaned.
“fuck!” he groaned when I did it again.
He stood straight, grabbed a handful of my hair and mouth fucked me.
He let go, lost himself in the feel of my hot wet mouth wrapped around, licking, and sucking at his hard cock. I’d never heard him moan so loud. The sound angry and deep. It made both my openings flood to have unravelled this so carefully controlled man.
His climax hit the back of my throat in a hot jet that made me gag. I swallowed it down, swallowed him down so that I sucked him dry. When it became too much he twisted his hand in my hair and pulled away, panting, knees shaking from the loss of control.
He took a moment, got his breath and straightened to look down at me. I licked my lips at the sparkle in his eyes but I couldn’t help the smile that turned up the corners of my mouth.
“You will pay for that” he promised.
I nodded and winked.
“God I hope so” I breathed.
He chuckled, stepped forward using my hair to pull me up to my knees and kissed me hard and fast.
Tonight was going to be a very good night.

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