Aisling Weaver has started a weekly writing prompt for smut writers called Fuck Me Friday.
Here is my attempt. I wasn’t really feeling it today, but I hope you like it anyway.
Another muggy and hot summer’s night that left me sleepless. I hated this heat, it zapped my energy, but worse than that it made me insatiably horny. All I wanted was a tongue lapping at my juicy cunt, and a hard cock to suck and lick like a Calipo before it pounded me into the mattress.

My hand trembled over the door handle of our spare room downstairs. I took a deep breath, decided I was horny enough to risk it and turned it. I closed the door quietly behind me, moved over to the bed where Jace lay sleeping and pulled my nightie over my head before sliding under the sheet to find his hard body.
“What the…?” Jace startled sitting up.
“It’s just me Jace” I smiled in the dark and swung into his lap to straddle him.
The moonlight coming through the window let me see Jace’s shock and fear.
“Oh fuck no Luce” Jace whispered harshly grabbing my hips to still them where I was rocking against his hardening cock. “Your brother is just upstairs.”
I chuckled, “and snoring” I whispered in his ear as I took it in my teeth and nipped him. “Besides it’s never stopped us before.”
“Sneaking off to a room at a party isn’t the same” He sighed and his hands loosened their grip.
“He won’t know a thing Jace” I reassured.
Jace moaned as my mouth kissed down his throat, his raging hard on pressed tight against my pubic bone.
“Fuck Luce, you’re going to get me killed” he purred as I lifted up and slid down his thick shaft.
I smirked and kissed him hard, I’d lost track of the amount of times he’d whispered that to me since I first dragged him off to a dark corner when I was eighteen.
“The longer you take to make me cum, the more chance we have of getting caught,” I teased.
Jace smiled his most wicked smile, threw me back on the bed and putting my knees over his elbows, buried himself in me hard and fast.
I held onto the bedrail to prevent me from scratching down his back as he fucked me hard and fast. His teeth nibbling at my nipples between deep hard kisses that sent me hurtling towards the edge. I held back, letting it build longer, wanting to drag it out as long as possible. Jace went up on his knees, lifted my hips and pounded my shoulders into the bed.
“Pillow” I gasped quickly.
He reached behind him and grabbed the pillow. I snatched it from him and bit into it as I came hard, my cunt clutching his cock so tight it hurt. Jace fell on me smothering his face in the other side of the pillow as my body milked his explosion. The heavy perspiration over our bodies cooling us significantly as the fan blew air across us.
We laughed into the pillow before Jace took it from between us and kissed me softly.
“You should come stay at my place one night, it’d be nice to be able to take my time with you for once, do this thing called foreplay, have you heard of it?” he purred down my neck.
“Hmmm” I smiled pushing him to the side and standing to grab my nightie. I kissed him gently, “thanks, sleep well.” I whispered and snuck back to my room.
I loved Jace. I loved that as my brother’s best friend there was not a chance in hell he was ever going to tell anybody what we’d been getting up to. That was true love right there.

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