It had been his only request, those stockings. She was permitted nothing else. And when he came through the door she sat, legs spread on the stairs waiting for him. His cock had reached for her through the material of his trousers. She smirked, ran her hands up the insides of her thighs, slipped her finger into her wet heat then stood.
Removing her hand she prowled towards where he stood, still in the open doorway mesmerised. She touched her pussy drenched finger to his lips, spreading her juice over them, then pressed her finger into his mouth. He licked it clean for her with a moan.
She smiled, turned and sauntered back to the stairs. With a “follow me now” look over her shoulder, she took each stair with a sway of her hips, so as he followed her, the rise and fall of her gorgeous cheeks hypnotised him.
This was going to be some anniversary.

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