Here is my effort for this weeks addition of Ruby Kiddell’s weekly writing prompt #courier for Wank Wednesday.

The first time he knocked at my door I had been preoccupied and flustered. His scent overcame me, made me stop and focus on the man who smelt so delicious.
I’d signed for the delivery and shut the door, calmer and more settled than I had been before the courier had arrived.

The next time he came I was ready, hoping it would be him again, and it was. His hand brushed mine accidently as he handed me the pen to sign for my parcel and electricity fired to my sex adding to the already overwhelming desire caused just by the deep amber of his scent.
It became a weekly date. He would knock at my door between ten and eleven every Wednesday. I dawdled receiving the package, chatting to him, engaging him in longer conversations till we were on a first name basis. And every week I’d shut the door, place the package on my office desk, take out my vibrator, lean onto my desk and imagine he was standing behind me, fucking me, slow and languorously.
That’s how he found me that day. We’d gotten so caught up in chatting and laughing he’d forgotten to get me to sign for the package and had to come back. It was hot, so I’d left the front door open and for my own part in being distracted I’d forgotten to lock the screen door, so keen to sate my lust for him.
He’d moved quietly across my timber floors, I was so caught up in my approaching orgasm I didn’t hear his approach until his hand caressed over the curve of my exposed arse. I stood suddenly straight and turned to face him shocked. I recognised him by his smell, the only reason I didn’t scream or fight. Instead I stammered. He shushed me with a finger to my lips, pressed me back to the desk with a tender kiss and whispered for me to lay back. I did.
He unbuttoned my blouse, tweaked my nipples causing me to arch and moan, then he took hold of my vibrator still peeking out from between my damp thighs. He fucked me with my toy, slow and gentle. His mouth enveloped my nipples, nibbling and sucking till I came screaming for him.
“Again” he insisted as he changed the vibration setting and lifted my legs to his shoulders.
I obeyed and came for him again, my body bucking against his as he kissed me and swallowed my cries of pleasure.
He released me, helped me to sit then placed the palm in my hand, the pen in the other and directed my hand to the screen for me to sign. I did and as he took them from me I grabbed his face, held it and felt what I would never see. He was gorgeous, symmetrical, clear skin, high cheekbones.
“You look as good as you smell” I murmured.
He laughed, “You smell as good as you look.”
He leant into my ear, “next week I want to see if you taste as good as you look.”
And with that he moved back to the door and was gone. How on earth was I going to concentrate on my work with next week to dream about?

2 thoughts on “Courier

  1. Sounds like the kind of visitor I need in my life lol XD Where the hell are they when you need em eh?

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