The head of his cock dipped in then pulled out again.

“For fucks sake!”

“You’re still not ready for me.”

“Still? I’m sopping wet and you’ve been eating me out for over an hour!”

He chuckled as his stubble brushed over my already tender cunt. “If you let me finger you it wouldn’t take so long, but you are still too tight to take me in one hit.”

“Honey, you’re huge! I could have the wettest, loosest cunt in the world and I would still be too tight for that throbbing monster that is your cock.”

He dragged his chin through my wet labia and I moaned against the rough onslaught. I was going to be having trouble walking tomorrow if he gave me stubble rash. “So you think you’re ready?”

“Hell yes!”

He lifted above me and without any assistance the dripping head of his cock found my entrance immediately. “Are you sure?”

I dragged my nails down the tensed biceps of his arms. I loved the definition in his arms, loved holding on for dear life as he fucked me, feeling the muscles bunch and extend with each thrust. He pressed his cock into me again, slowly till his head was buried. He took a firm grip on my hips and with a pinch of his lips on mine he slammed into me with all the power of those muscled thighs. I cried out, my back arching as he rammed into my cervix and buried himself there squirming his hips to go that little bit deeper. “Hmm what do you know, you were ready. A little bit of force and your tight cunt gives it up with barely a scratch.”

I raised my eyebrows and pointedly looked at his upper arms. His eyes followed mine to the bright red scratches already raised and angry. He scowled but couldn’t hide the smile as he thrust a little deeper again. “So I’m wearing long sleeves to work tomorrow!”

One thought on “Deep

  1. Wow. Yet another exhilarating fuck-fest story about your sex-life. What can one say but thank you for sharing that secret life of yours or is it your filthy mind. Great minds do thing alike.

    Pity I can’t share you and your work but then no guy would :P

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