You know I must admit, I do love feeling my own body.
The silky smooth softness of my skin.
The firmness of my arse.
The dip between my hip to ribs and the muscle that lays beneath all that smooth skin of my back.
I love letting my fingers tickle along that valley that runs from hip to groin. The smoothness of my hairless cunt before slipping between my lips to find myself sopping wet.
Then back up over my tummy, to feel the ridge created by the base of my ribs. One of places to be kissed is along that ridge.
Then cupping my breast in hand and tweaking my nipple, pinching it between fingers as my other hand runs up the inside of my thighs.

I don’t have much of an ego, but I do love the way I feel. The guys I’ve been with are right, I do feel pretty amazing. I can only imagine what it must be like for them, to run their hands and mouth all over me, and then to finally push their hard cock inside of my tight cunt. That usually makes them moan so animalistically and the tell me how amazing I feel. It feels so amazing to have a guy do that to me.

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