Well its Fuck Me Friday again. This weeks prompt was ‘Inscribe’ Hope you like. Short & sweet.

“We fit so well together” he murmurs as he sinks into my heated core. Sinks deep so just the feel of him stops all thought, catches my breath, then release it in a rushed gasp.
“At all points where our flesh meets, they lie tangent…”
I groan and wrap my legs tight around him to get him moving, to make him fuck me. I loved his intelligence, but I wish he’d leave the geometry in his class room…then again that’s where we were.
“I fit so snug within your velvet walls…two very different shapes, my solid shaft enclosed by your soft, pliant pussy…”
His teeth graze my nipple and my cunt clenches tight around him.
“A perfect inscribe planar shape” he lectures as I let my head fall back, bit my lip and came over his throbbing shaft.
He pulled my mouth back to his and I came up smiling before kissing him passionately. His phone buzzed, I stood from his lap and pulled my panties back into place before bending and sucking the excess fluid from his still hard cock.
He moaned and grabbed me by the hair to pull my mouth back to his.
“Students” he whispered.
I smirked, buttoned my blouse and made for the door as he straightened himself up.
“See you at home” he called after me.
I looked over my shoulder and winked as the door opened and the first of his students entered the room. I needed to get back to my faculty, to my waiting students. I wondered if any of them would smell the sex I was drenched in…

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