Welcome to Ruby Kiddell’s Wank Wednesday. The prompt for this week is Balance.

I hate it when his phone rings while we are busy. Here I am skirt around my waist, knickers on the floor, while he eats me out on his office desk and his phone starts ringing. He takes my hand placing it on my clit and smiles as he picks up his phone.
“Keep going” he directs me as he answers the call sitting back in his office chair.
‘Fuck him’ I think.
I spread my legs wider, balance the spike of my heels on the edge of his table and start rubbing my clit.
I’m so wet from where he’s been guiding me closer to the edge with his licks, sucks and nibbles. I slide my fingers down and back, down and back before slipping them inside and feeling the dam that’s ready to flood his desk when I cum.
I smile wickedly at him. Meet his eyes and watch him watch my fingers as I rub myself harder and faster. He unzips and starts stroking his engorged cock while keeping an even tone on his phone call.
I smile as his strokes match mine. I want that cock in me, pounding me till I cum hard, sucking it dry.
The thought of cumming around his cock sends me over the edge. My head hits the desk as I open my mouth and start cumming, gushing all over his desk. His hand is over my mouth before my first moan is even out.
I smile as I relax and he turns to finish his phone call. I lift myself off his desk straighten my skirt give him a kiss on the cheek and leave his office.
The look on his face as he watches me walks out tells me just how hard he’s going to fuck me later for leaving him hanging. I can’t help but look forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Hehe.. you always write things I want to do, or have done. It's like a little bank of fantasies to be fulfilled. Yum.

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