Welcome to another Fuck Me Friday. Today’s prompt word is Court.
I knelt above a strangers face. His foreign lips kissed my trembling inner thigh, marked a warm trail up the inside of my leg as I spread my knees further apart. My whole body shook above him. I grasped the end of the desk when his hands grabbed my arse and whimpered as his kisses found my hot wet cunt.

It wasn’t for him that my lust burned. It wasn’t for this stranger beneath me, sucking and licking my hot folds that I was here. It was his punishment, my punishment that we found ourselves here. I couldn’t relax, as good as it felt, his mouth would never be my lover’s mouth, and so I stayed rigid, whimpering and trembling above him.
A hand fisted my hair and yanked my head back. My lover’s mouth closed over mine in a bruising kiss. I moaned into him, tried to turn my body to his as I reached for him but he pinned my arms, pressed me down harder to the foreign mouth and hissed “Grind”.
I did as I was told and ground my cunt onto this strangers face. I felt my folds flood just from my lover’s touch, his kiss, his presence. I’d always thought it so, but until now had never been able to prove that I was truly his. Now I knew it for sure. The man below me groaned as I rubbed my tender flesh across his rough chin, his stubble like sandpaper to my sensitive cunt.
“Suck her clit hard” my lover growled.
The stranger complied heartily and I loosed a combined moan and whimper at the harshness of his mouth against my sex. My lover kissed me deep and hard, his tongue exploring the cavity of my mouth.
“Cum” he whispered to me.
I shook my head and he yanked my hair back hard as his hand closed around my throat.
I stared into his eyes, mine wide with fear, his hooded with lust. A tear escaped my eye as I mouthed ‘I can’t’.
“That’s right you need penetration too”
With his words two of the strangers fingers slid in to find my soft spot. He stroked me skillfully while my eyes stayed locked with my lover’s till the weight of approaching climax settled heavy in my womb and began to build. 
My eyes went skyward with a deep breath and my lover smiled.
“That’s it my little wench. You cum for an absolute stranger like a naughty little girl.”
I did, the out of character behaviour for me adding to my desire and I gushed over this strangers face.
My head was suddenly released and I fell forward grasping the edge of the desk to prevent falling off.
I pulled myself free, body shaking visibly, legs unsteady as I tried to stand. A chair pressed behind me and my lover’s hands eased me into it as he handed my scanties to the strange male.
“Wipe your face with these.”
The man complied and handed my now drenched underwear back to my lover who pocketed them in his robes. My lover tilted my chin up, gave me one gentle kiss and stepped towards the door.
“We need to get back. And Angel if either of you pull that shit in my court room again I will find you in contempt of court, understood?”
I nodded. The opposing council from out of town pushed of the desk and walked through the open door. I took a moment longer to compose myself before I took the waiting hand of my lover, who helped me to the door before moving that hand to the small of my back and gave me an encouraging shove out of his chambers.  

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