This weeks Wank Wednesday Prompt is Spare

He pulsed within me, moving me closer and closer to climax. I clawed the bed sheets, pressed my face into the pillow as I tried to mute my pleasure. He circled his hips and thrust, circled and thrust, my cunt clenching tighter as I neared the summit of bliss.
And then it stopped.
“What the…?”
I rose onto my knees and saw the blinking light that indicated my vibrator needed recharging.
“Just like him” I murmured.
I looked at my husband still fast asleep beside me; he could sleep through me vacuuming the room he was in. His low snores barely audible through the earphones that played music in my ears. My cunt was still slick with his lust, sated in less time than it took me to get naked. I preferred to think he was having an affair than to accept that he was just a selfish prick, interested only in his own pleasure.
I opened my bedside draw and pulled out my spare vibrator.
“Guess we’re changing positions” I chuckled to myself as I picked up a pillow to slide it between my thigh before sliding the spare vibe inside me and anchoring it’s base in the pillow.
I pressed the vibe button till it was at the intense vibe I liked to cum on, then set the strength to high. I pulled the image of that new guy at work back to mind and started sliding up and down on his hard vibrating cock.
“Now I’m on top”

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