I wake happy. Snuggle into the quilt a bit more and stretch taking a deep breath.
It’s then that I realise this isn’t my bed and I’m not alone.
Crap I fell asleep. I stayed the night. I never stay the night.
His hand caresses down my spine and he places a kiss on my neck.
“You’re awake at last” he murmurs happily.
“You should have woken me and sent me home” I reply honestly as I role to face him.
He shrugs and kisses my mouth gently.
“No harm done” he smiles pulling me on top of him, his hard-on pressing into my belly.
I look at the clock and go to pull away but he holds me there.
“We’ll be late for work” I explain.
He looks at the clock lazily before turning his naughty smile back to me.
“Plenty of time for a blow job” he raises his arms above his head and gives a flick of his eyes to his groin, “Least you can do since I let you sleep undisturbed.”
I smile, kiss him once more then duck beneath the sheets, the panic of waking next to him subsiding to lust.

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