I was dawdling and he knew it. I took my time in the bathroom swaying my naked hips to the music in my head knowing he sat on the bed waiting for me to get my act together.
“That’s not going to work. Stop stalling” he said for the umpteenth time as he pulled his shirt on and started buttoning it up.

I sighed and moved to the dressing room. I picked out some pretty blue lace underwear and pulled it on. I could feel him watching me as he tucked his shirt in.
I picked out a black suspender belt and slid it into place before slipping the straps beneath my knickers and pulling on my stockings. He started tying his tie, but had moved closer to me as he watched me unroll the stockings up my legs and anchor them in place.
He was pulling on his shoes as I buttoned my blouse, purposefully leaning back against the door frame, jutting my hips out to him as my hands caressed up the plane of my abdomen, cupped my breasts, found the lapels of my blouse, before sliding down and nimbly inserting button by seductive button.
He cocked a brow at my half-dressed state, leaning there for his appraisal.
“Move it along already” he grumbled, but I saw the lick of his lips as he turned to pull his suit jacket from its hanger.
I slipped into my heels and buckled the ankle straps making sure I bent from the hips, my arse turned full towards him for his viewing pleasure. I heard the low feral growl in his throat and smiled as I stood, but refused to look at him. I knew one false move would undo all my careful seduction.
I pulled my skirt from the top of the step ladder where I had laid it. I stepped into it. Tucked my blouse in and zipped it up.
“You know that’s my favourite skirt on you”
“Really?” I purred back over my shoulder as I shrugged into my suit jacket.
“You know it” he growled lower as he pushed me over to lean on the top of the ladder.
He curved his hands around the contours of my arse and smoothed over the fall of the skirt.
“I love the way it hugs your hips and arse, the way when your hips sway the fall of the skirt flows from side to side smoothly like an extension of your body.”
He slid his hands down to the hem and found my stockinged thighs. Slipping his hands up my legs under the skirt he lifted it then flipped it over my arse so it lay on my arched back. His hands caressed my arse roughly. The first smack fell hard and suddenly. I let out a yelp and he growled louder, pulling my panties to my knees.
“I hate when you make us run late with your wantonness” he groaned as a second and third slap landed on my arse cheeks in quick succession.
The zip of his fly bought a victorious grin to my mouth. His sudden deep thrust into my dripping heat stole a gasp and moan from my throat. His grope of my breast and pinch of my nipples bought the first ripples of pure pleasure to my body. His mouth at my ear whispering how I would be punished this evening for my wanton seduction, and his thumb caressing over the entry to the most defiling pleasures, plucked my orgasm from deep in my belly to spill like a volcanic eruption through my body.

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