I lay perfectly still, barely breathing, so anxious as he appraised me.
He moved closer, ran one callused hand up my near leg, to my bent knee. His fingers inside my knee, his other hand pinned my feet to the table before he tugged and spread my thighs to hip width apart.

His hand then continued down the slope of my thigh to my hip. Grasping both hips he pulled my bum closer to my ankles. He slid his hands round and under grasping my bottom, squeezed, smiled and circled his hands back to my hips.
His callused hands slid up each side of my waist, followed the ridge line of my ribs, to the centre, then back to the side. He moved around the dining table to stand at my head, placed his hands back at my ribs and slid them up, moving my arms out of the way above my head. He held my wrists together there for a moment ensuring I understood not to move them then freed them of his grip. I watched as he slowly removed his tie, straightened it between his two fists in the air then snaked it around my wrists in an intricate knot.
With a smile he returned back to his chair near my feet.
“So beautiful” he said softly as he slid from his suit jacket, hanging it on the back of his chair unbuttoned the top two buttons on his crisp white shirt, took his seat and began.
Placing his face between my thighs, he began to whisper in heavy breath all that he would do to me.
“You’re going to cum for me Angel, and you will not be touched to do it. When you cum for me, then I will touch you, I will kiss you, I will finger you, I will lick your juices from your hot wet…”
Every word uttered blew another puff of hot air across my already damp sex. My clit tingled, my legs squirmed, my nipples hardened, my breath caught in my throat.
“I will push my thick cock between your lips, let you suckle on my head, taste my pre-cum before I bury it in your throat and enjoy the sensation of your gagging rebellion…”
I licked my lips as my cunt flooded with anticipation. I twisted to the side my thigh pressing against the side of his face, he turned and bit into that fleshy spot at the top of my inner leg. He bit hard, hard enough to leave a mark and bruise. I cried out and straightened.
“Be a good Angel now!” he hummed low to my clit.
I bit my lip and planted my feet as his whispered words sent currents of air across my sopping cunt, the meanings and intentions tumbling into my ears, rolling my eyes, stealing panted moans from my throat, sinking lower to coil within my belly, growing heavier with desire as my sex clenched tighter with need.
“I’ll sink into you, open you slowly, centimetre by centimetre till my balls are knocking on your tight little arse door. I’ll rock on my feet, banging on your cervix, deep like you love it and then I’ll pull back…”
I whimpered at the imagined loss of feeling so full with his throbbing cock. I heard his chuckle, felt it as it sent a wave of air over my clit. I wiggled my arse and arched my back at the wonderful sensation it sent twisting through me. He tilted his head in wonderment, took a deep breath, bent his head and laughed that evil laugh of his against my clit.
It was my undoing.

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  1. Wowsie….hot! I would love a man to push me over the edge just with his voice and his confidence… mmmm. :)

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