I didn’t dare draw attention to myself. I sat so still I think I may have stopped breathing. He paced slowly waiting out his prey; who would it be tonight?
Emily twitched as he passed her near the kitchen sink and he stopped to examine her more closely.
“Did you take it?”
Emily shook her head vigorously; eyes wide like a rabbit in the headlights. Jez and Lucy both shook their heads knowing our damnation. Emily was the weakest link and we usually tried to exclude her from our mischief for that reason, but today we hadn’t been able to escape her and so had incorporated her.
Master grabbed a fistful of her russet hair and forced her mouth to his, forced his tongue between the pretty pink of her narrow lips and tasted her mouth. When he released her he smiled knowingly and stepped back with that wicked grin which let us know he’d found his prey. Emily said naught but simply knelt in deference. The little bitch was going to ruin our play. Masters smile faded at the edges.
We all got one on one time with Master; we all loved our special time with him. But on occasion Jez, Lucy and I liked to shake things up and force a group wide punishment. All of us would bend the rules in one way or another and he would take all of us to his play room and watch as we punished each other on his behalf, then we would show him how repentant we were. Master wasn’t silly, he knew our game, I dare say he quite enjoyed it and since the first time I had guessed that when he was in the mood he would leave the temptation there for us.
That was certainly the case this morning when he’d left his last Easter egg right in the middle of the top shelf of the fridge. I’d seen it and smiled at the invitation. I’d taken the egg and the four of us had shared it between us, creaming our panties in anticipation of tonight’s fun. But now, his selfish little princess, was going to cut the rest of us out.
I stood from my seat at the dining room table and met Master’s eyes.
“We all ate it Master, but I was the one who took it from the fridge and shared it out.” I gave Emily the look of disdain she deserved. “Emily wasn’t even aware it was Master’s chocolate. We all know she can’t keep a secret, so Jez, Lucy and I didn’t tell her where it had come from.”
Master was aware that his princess’s selfish behaviour was instilling his Angel, Minx and Fairy with disdain. He put a finger to his mouth in thought before addressing us.
“I see” he looked to Emily, “It was very sweet of you to try and take the fall for your sisters Princess, but you should know better by now. You are excused for the night…”
“I’m not going to argue this Princess” he cut her off without even raising his voice. “Off to bed you go.”
Emily turned and scowled at me as she stormed out of the kitchen.
Master stepped to me, a smile in his eyes defying the frown on his face.
“You’re angry” he stated always observant of my emotions.
“She wants you to herself and doesn’t want to share anymore.”
Master nodded. I was the baby of the family, but I was the one who he discussed his concerns with. It’s why he’d called me his Angel; I heard his confessions.
“Shall we go to the play room ladies?”
Lucy and Jez tried to hide their smiles as they took each other’s hands and ran towards the back room.
I turned to follow with Master lagging behind to enjoy the view of my arse swaying as I walked.
“So when did you start liking Dark chocolate Angel?”
I didn’t bother hiding the mischievous glint in my eye as I looked at him before stepping through the playroom door, there was no point, he already knew.

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