I sit in the car composing myself like always. It is an essential process for entering your house. You have the ability to sweep me off my feet and I dare say it’s your intention half the time to do so. For that reason I take the time, put my shields in place before every encounter, protect myself.
Finally ready I leave the car, collecting my bag of toys and approach your door. You’ve sent me a message with instructions that I’m to follow precisely. I find the key you’ve left for me, let myself in and made my way up to your bedroom.
Stripping down I position myself on your bed and take a photo of my naked body lying on your sheets. I send the photo to you aware that you are in a meeting with an important client. Putting my ear piece in I switch over to bluetooth, opened my bag and take out the Play O and my vibrator.
I squirt some Play O onto my finger as I lay back on your bed and rub it over my clit and slit. I circle my clit slowly feeling the slight tingle as the Play O starts to activate. Once I’m moaning I squirt some more on my finger and slip it inside me, finding my g-spot and slathering it with the stimulating gel.
My thumb rubs my clit, my middle finger strokes my g until I’m biting my lip, rolling to the side and bucking against my hand. Then I remove my hand, rub the combination of gel and my fluids over the tip of my vibe and press it to my entrance.
There is always resistance. I work the vibe in just past the entry to that first level of resistance then turn it on. As it buzzes I stroke back and forwards pressing further with each in-stroke till I breach that last point of resistance and the vibe slips all the way home.
A joyful moan escapes my mouth as I circle the buzzing phallus inside me, thinking of you. Thrusting back and forth till my spare hand is clutching the bed sheets and I’m so close to cuming. I reach for my phone, pressed dial and hold out long enough for you to answer. You say naught but I hear your breath and know you are there, in your meeting listening to me.
The thought of you trying to restrain yourself in that meeting sends me over the edge. My back arches away from your bed as my climax tears through me and I feel my cum gush down my inner thighs and over your sheets. I hear you cough to clear your throat and it makes me smile. I kiss the air and hang up.
After I’m clean and dressed I admire the wet patch I’ve left on your sheets. I take a photo and send it to you. Tonight you will fuck your partner in this bed, on these sheets, and if I hadn’t shielded myself from my emotions for you that would hurt. But I did, and I gain satisfaction knowing that through it all you’ll think of me, see me, hear me, smell me.

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