‘You’re so delicate’ he chuckles as he bites my inner thigh again.
‘I am not!’
He just smiles and continues his nibbling ascent. When he reaches my mouth I push him onto his back. Surprise registers momentarily on his face as I kneel above him and begin nibbling down his neck.
I take one of his nipples in my mouth; pinch it between my teeth till he gasps.
“You’re skating on thin ice Angel”
I take his hard shaft in a vice grip. I lick his dripping tip, the salt of his pre-cum coating my tongue with the taste of him, licking down the base of his cock and sucking his balls one by one into my mouth, rolling them around my tongue. I press my tongue to his perineum and trace a wet line to his inner thigh. I mouth that fleshy bit over the femoral artery while I finger my moist cunt. I take my dripping finger and press it into his arse slowly.
“Fuck me” he murmurs before biting his fist.
I smile and bite his inner thigh hard knowing it will leave a bruise.
“Ow!!!” he yells grabbing my hair in his fist and pulling my face away from his sensitive flesh.
“Sorry, I forgot how precious you can be” I smirk wickedly.
“Oh now you’re in trouble” he growls grabbing the base of his cock and pressing it to my wet eager lips.
When my mouth doesn’t open he lets go of my hair to apply pressure to the condyle of mandible on each side of my face forcing my jaw to open painfully. He shoved his cock into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head by my hair again. Holding my head in place he thrust his cock into my mouth over and over hitting the back of my throat making me gag and my eyes tear up.
He grew thicker filling my tiny mouth, make the skin at the side of my mouth strain with the stretch to open wide enough for his engorged dick. It pulsed ready to cum. I tried to pull back wanting to be fucked but he wouldn’t let me.
“No Angel” He laughed, “I told you were skating perilously near the edge of my patience tonight. Now you’ll go without.”
He pushed my face down till my nose touched his abdomen, his cock head buried in my throat as spurt after spurt of hot cum ran down my contracting throat. I sucked and swallowed till he had nothing more to give and his cock head became sensitive and he pulled away with a moan.
I licked my lips, dried my eyes and pouted. Truly I loved feeling him cum in my throat but I never let him know that, where would be the fun in it otherwise.
“Now now Angel” he laughed and kissed my pouty lips, “you bought that on yourself.”

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  1. Incredibly tasty! you describe each action so explicitly well… "salt of his pre-cum coating my tongue…" Yummy

  2. Thank you for the great comments. It's so nice to know that people are reading and enjoying what I write. *Mwah*

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