“You look beautiful”
I looked at his reflection in the mirror as I straightened the flowing skirt of my wedding dress.
“You shouldn’t be here” I mumbled as I assessed the sit of the gown.
He shrugged and came closer.
“Well what do you think?” I finally asked turning to face him

“I think I’m glad you’re not superstitious” he smiled looking the sage green dress up and down.
In an instant he was in front of me his mouth a millimetre from mine.
“I think you look ravishing”
His mouth closed over mine. I lifted my hands to his chest planning on pushing him away but one of his hands found the curve of my back the other the back of my neck holding me hard against him. I opened my mouth to his probing tongue, wrestled for control and lost as his tongue pinned mine.
He moved us back the two steps to the wall and was lifting the skirts of my dress as I unbuttoned his shirt to feel his skin next to mine. There was no foreplay, no preparation. He lifted my legs to his waist, pinned me to the wall and slid his firm head between my labia. I wasn’t ready so he had to shove brutally into me, taking three goes to finally sheath fully. I bit my lip against the discomfort and the song of pleasure that wanted to burst from my throat like a kinky Robin’s morning song.
My hands gripped his lapels as he thrust relentlessly into me, our mouths making love while our bodies fucked like one night stands; hard, fast and desperate. The burning pain of friction bought me rushing to climax, my wanton cunt milking his hardening cock, begging him to join me. Instead he withdrew with the mewling of an injured animal and tucked himself away while he kissed me deeply one last time.
“I promised I’d wait” he whispered as he pulled back to study my dissatisfied expression. He knew I loved the feel of him cuming in me.
He touched my cheek tenderly and gave me a reassuring smile before walking back to the door.
“I promise you’ll be walking into that reception hall with my cum running down your thighs”
I bit my lip against another moan of want and steadied myself on my adrenalin fuelled legs. He was the perfect man for me.

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3 thoughts on “Pin

  1. Beautiful. For a moment I was afraid the dressmaker might have left a pin in the dress and injury of some kind might have resulted. :oP

  2. Oh how wonderful! At first I thought she said "you shouldn't be here" to a man who didn't want her to marry (ex or something). But how wonderful (& hot) that it was her fiance. What a great ending, too. Bravo!

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