Frustrated I rollover and groan into the pillow; I miss him. I miss the way his tongue strokes my clit, coaxes it out, makes it swell while he slips two fingers into me to find that sweet spot that he’ll use to strip me of the last of my control.

Remembering I slip my hand under the waistband of my pants, slip my middle finger between the hot folds of my cunt and find that little bundle of nerves. I tap light, then harder to start the blood rush. The first gasp of pleasure breaks from my lips as I picture his dark eyes watching my reaction to his tongue lashings. I start rubbing and circling my clit imagining his tongue is my finger, changing the pressure just how he knows too. I slip my finger into my slit further to find my leaking moisture and use it to lube my finger as I bring it back to torture my dilating clit.
I can feel his fingers digging into my hips as I start to buck against my hand, my breathing catching and rushing free, biting my lip to stem the sighs and murmurs of his name to the black satin of my pillow case. I can see the smile form on his luscious lips as my body sidles up to the edge of orgasm and walks the edge of climax.
“Cum for me Angel”
I hear his silky voice slide over my skin, slap against my sopping cunt, tweak my nipple and brush my lips.
“Cum for me”
I want to; I’m so close to stepping over the edge. But it’s not enough.
“Fuck me?” I beg the pillow, the satin brushing my lips like his mouth would
I reach to my side table and take out my vibe. Slipping it into my hungry sex I’m too lazy to search for the right buzz and just hit go for the default setting.
He’s fucking me, slow, deep, just how I like it. I can feel his hand reaching to find my clit, to rub it just right as his engorged cock rubs my g-spot. His finger on my clit finds that sweet spot, the one that makes my eyes roll, and my lungs to expel all the air within in a rush, his name carried away by it as I bite the pillow and moan the joy of having him here with me again.
As my body relaxes I can hear his laughter at the way he can make my body give in to him.
“Fuck off asshole” I sigh replete.
He really only was ever good for one thing.
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  1. I loved the vivid imagery to describe the thoughts that accompanied the motions and, yes, the ending brought a wry smile too.


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