“What you doing?” he asked walking into the kitchen.
“Whipping the cream for the cake” she replied frustrated as his hands gripped her waist playfully pressing their bodies together.
“I see” he breathed against her hair.
“Except I suck at it” she admitted letting the bowl clutter to the bench, “the cream isn’t thickening.”

Reaching round her with a smile he took the whisk and bowl from her hands and took over as he pressed his growing hardness to the cheek of her arse.
“I quite like when you’re sucking thickens my cream” he purred.
She smiled as she watched his hands and arms whip the cream easily to its thickened state.
Turning in his arms she kissed his mouth letting him taste the brandy she’d added to the cream and fell to her knees to worship and give thanks to her kitchen god.
He gasped when her lips first brushed over his smooth head, tongue flicking out to taste his pre-cum. He looked down not bothering watching his hands. He loved watching her hands and mouth work their way up and down his shaft, the feel of her saliva and gagging on his cock whipping him into a frenzy until his salty cream filled her mouth.
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One thought on “Cream

  1. I don't know how you are with souffles, but something of mine rose in response to your creamy confection. :o)

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