There had been a definite beat to it. A music to back up the sound of my voice and his in a duet of passion.
A symphony had been in the room with us, filling our ears as his hard thrusts had pressed my head to the bed head causing my neck to be at a weird angle. As he pushed me further and further up the bed I’d had to put my hands up to press myself back to him lest he put my head through the wall.
He rolled from the bed and I laughed at the loud squeak the bed gave in protest. 
“I think we broke it” he laughed.
“I’m just hoping there is no one in the room next door with all that banging on the wall” I blushed watching his arse walk to the bathroom.
“Like it was the banging that’d keep them up” he smirked over his shoulder, “I never knew you sang soprano?”
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4 thoughts on “Squeak

  1. I love this line "A music to back up the sound of my voice and his in a duet of passion." and great erotic picture to go with the words.


  2. There is something about watching a man walk to the bathroom naked afterward. It's very satisfying. Especially if he's walking a little funny. ;)

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