The dildo fell to the floor with a heavy thud.
“I suck at this!” I exploded.
He casually picked it up and walked to the bathroom to wash it off.
When he came back into the room he chuckled at my vexation and held out the dildo to me.
With only a groan of frustration I rolled and pushed back onto all fours.

He waited till I was set then smacked my arse hard with the firm jelly phallus till I collapsed face first to the mattress, tears streaking my face, sobs hitched in my throat.
“Now Angel” He proffered his cocks replacement, “once again with feeling!”
I took his toy as my other hand snaked between my belly and mattress to find my clit.
I rubbed, tapped and slapped my clit till my sobs changed to moans.
I was determined to please him, refused to fail at this task.
As I came close to that painful clitoral orgasm I slipped the dildo into my tight, hot cunt so I wouldn’t be empty.
One hand rubbed, the other anchored the jelly cock while I ground my hips on both.
The orgasm broke over me in a sudden wave. I mouthed the bed sheets with a high pitched prayer as it peaked and ebbed.
I relaxed to the bed with utter satisfaction of having achieved self-induced orgasm for the first time ever.
“There’s my good little Angel” he purred as he removed the dildo, inducing another gasp from my throat, “practice makes perfect you know.”
He replaced the dildo with his flesh cock.
“You just need to be more patient!”
My finger nails gripped the sheet as he shoved balls deep into me with one thrust.

8 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Hot, hot, hot….I am patiently waiting for the opposite of that, to cum on His cock again. Lovely writing.


  2. I've got to stop reading these Wank Wed posts or I'll never get any work done this aft…bravo!

  3. I'm so glad he helped her with that… maybe he was just taking the time to teach her so he could enjoy watching, but I liked thinking of him as her guardian sex angel :)

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