Torture Me!

Lay on me, feed your hardness into me, fuck me
I want it, hard, fast and rough.
But my wants are not your practice
My needs are what you cater.

So you fuck me, hard, and slow
Thrusting forward with all your strength
Moving me up the bed
Making me cry out, my mouth gasping against the sheets.
You pull back slowly,
Dragging yourself from my grasping heat
I whimper, moan,
Tilt my arse up ready to receive you again.
Hours you torture me
Stopping each time my body grows tighter
Fondling my breasts, pressed hard into the mattress
Pinned down by the weight of your strong body on my back.
You don’t say a word
Your mouth only kisses, sucks, licks across my shoulders
Bites my neck.
You turn my face to yours
Awkward angle as you capture my lips in yours
And still you move slowly, swallowing my whimpers.
“Please?” I beg
“I want…”
You pinch my nipples hard as you cease to move
I know, I false myself silent.
My wants are not your concern
You know what I Need.
Hours of slow, hard, fucking
Hours of holding me near the brink
Never letting me crash into pleasure
´╗┐Hours of torturing me.

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