My Fuck Me Friday is a little different this week. It has risen from a conversation I had with the lovely Mina of At Longings End about men in suits. I love Mina’s blog so make sure you check it out afterwards and don’t forget to go support all the other Fuck Me Friday writers via the link at the bottom of the page to the beautiful Aisling Weaver’s site. 
Below is only my side of the conversation as that is all I have licence to publish, but you know, I think it’ll be enough ;)

Men in suits…yum! Slowly taking their ties off, unbuttoning their shirts, belts *sigh*
And then of course those ties and belts have use in the bedroom too
And when they unzip those suit pants…

All I’ve got in my head now is being on my knees, hands tied behind back with his tie, watching as he slowly unzips
When your eyes are eye level, mere inches from that lowering zip and the hardness pressing out against the straining material…
 To press my cheek against that material and feel the nudge of cock press back against me…
To be allowed to reach in and take it in hand. The softest skin in my palm. Running thumb over its head & finding it wet
Running the smooth head around my lips slowly before taking a little suck, like a pinching kiss
Massaging that thick base vein with my thumb while my eyes seek permission to let my tongue follow suit
His fingers twining in my hair as I make my way, inch by inch down his shaft, his hand clenching into a fist at first gag
Nose pressed against his abdomen, the smell of him intoxicating, making the taste of him stronger on my tongue
Tongue flicking out to lick that little bit further that lips can’t reach, that spot where balls & cock meet
Nails gripping his arse as he thrusts his hips back and forth losing himself to the pleasure of your mouth
That first hard twitch, like Geowarn warning of the reactivation of magmatic activity and impending eruption
It spurs me on, knowing he’s on the cusp, knowing it’s my actions that are causing his moans
And when that first spurt of salty cum washes over my tongue…well I’m a cat with a bowl of cream

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