Tender Lover

To my General who inspired this piece. Thank You.
You climb into bed behind me, spooning me. Sliding your hand up my thigh, hip and waist till you cup my breast and start fondling it while kissing and nibbling my neck & shoulder.
Me reaching behind to find your growing hardness and slow and gently stroking you till your rock hard. Lifting my thigh and pressing your hardness against my moist heat, then closing my legs to hold you tight to me.
We rock against each other like that, no penetration, just skin on skin. You turning my chin and lifting onto your lower arm to kiss my mouth slow and deep as our bodies move against each other. You turn me to face you, me taking you in hand while your tongue circumnavigates my nipple, assailing it like a storm a ship out at sea. Causing moans and gasps to escape my throat as my need to feel you inside me grows rapidly.
Pressing your body to mine, holding me tight to you so it’s just our mouths exploring one another, our hands mapping the plains and dips of each other’s bodies. Our pelvises pressed tight together but your grip preventing my hand from taking you between my milky thighs, to have your smooth glistening head nudging around my entrance. You make me wait, no penetration, nothing more than kissing and touching each other till I beg you to fill me up.
You breathe relief and admit you were worried I’d never ask as you roll me to my back and place yourself ready between my legs. You kiss me some more, lavish my nipples with attention till I squirming and trying to push down on your cock.
It’s your smile in that moment, when you know you have complete control over me that makes my eyes fill with emotion and tears that magic word, breathlessly from my lips “please”
That’s when you bury yourself, inch by thick inch, into my tight little cunt. Your mouth is mere centimetres from mine as you watch my face intently for every bit pleasure just having you enter me brings.

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