It happened without warning.
My back hit the mattress in the same instant our mouths tasted each other’s flesh, our tongues wrestled for domination.

You won. You were always going to.
By the time your knee parted my thighs the fight had left me, desire toppled morals.
When your fingers found my flushing cunt the wanton whore claimed her throne. The decent lass you had seduced for months left cowering in the corner, watching through splayed fingers of mixed disgust and interest.
As you pressed into me, pumped my body till it cried of pleasure. My traitorous heart, the dry sponge it was, absorbed you.
For the first time in too many years I was filled, moist to dripping and utterly at your mercy.
It was a rebirth, a resurrection, a rescue of a woman I thought long lost.
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