He crawls into bed behind me, wraps me in his strong arms and nuzzles my neck. I shiver against him, cling to his arms and kiss his hand. We lay there like that for a stretch, content in our embrace.

Another shiver and his body reacts automatically. I know it’s not conscious, just his body reacting to the proximity of mine. He doesn’t expect anything but I can’t help myself. I squirm against him, rubbing against his thickening cock. He moans and places tender kisses along my neck.
One of his hands roams down my body, tracing the curve of my generous breast, the concave of my waist to the round of my hip. He caresses my thigh before sliding his hand up beneath my night slip, lifting it to my waist. His hand sliding forward, following the join of leg and body to find me wet.
His touch readies me; a light caress that leaves me wanton. He shifts, enters me, gently and slowly. I arch, shoulders pressing back into him, breasts forward against his restraining arm. He kisses my neck, following the path to the bony protuberance behind the ear where he whispers soothing words as I shiver and whimper in his arms.
Our hips sway in rhythm with each other, a slow steady beat; knowing the dance of long-time lovers. My body convulses as I fall into a coughing fit. He stills behind me, allowing me to finish; he shudders and moans in my ear at the sudden tight clenching of my cunt around his cock.
He waits til I’m ready and starts up our dance again. Moving steadily with an unheard melody, maybe it’s our hearts thumping away, or our breath growing louder as we rock, the sound of our blood coursing through our bodies, heating, and filling. Whatever the source of the music that our bodies move in time with, it increases tempo, just slightly. My whimpers and chattering replaced with moans, my free hand reaching behind to grip his firm arse as he warms me.
Another coughing fit undoes us; he swells and throbs, pauses a moment, tense with restraint. But the clench of my heat is too much. He thrusts forward as he pours his heat into me, my medicine to help make me better. I smile happily and snuggle into his now trembling body. He croons to me lightly as we settle in to slumber.
I love the way he touches me, firm but tender, tracing the lines of my body almost in adoration of the feminie form. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, in his bed, in his arms, touched by his hands, I will always feel beautiful, adored and loved.

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