Siren Queen ~ Part 2

I’ve never been very patient and he’d been away for three months. I let my hands roam as I sat astride behind him, holding tight to his lean but strong body, feeling his heart pound against the palm of my hand. I slid the other hand down over his abdomen, harder and more defined than before he went away, but that was usually the case these days.
My fingers slip beneath his waist band and find the head of him, already hard and trying to escape the confines of his boxers.
“Settle down!” his voice chuckles over the headset. “We’re still fifteen from home.”
“I’m sick of waiting already” I groan back frustrated. “I’ve been waiting all week.”
He laughs again and changes lanes missing the turn off.  Two minutes later we are speeding up the old lookout road. I was pulling my helmet off as he bought the bike to a stop behind a strand of trees, hiding us from view of any parkers.
He pulls off his helmet as I swing around into his lap, capturing his laughing mouth as he leans forward to hang his helmet on the handle bars. He laughs into my mouth as I fumble with his fly, desperate to feel him inside me. Moans when I free his rigid cock only to capture it in my grasp and stroke him fuller.
His mouth descends my throat as his hands push my skirt up, grabbing my arse to lift me, pulling me tight to his body. I throw my head back and laugh when his eyes fly open and head lifts in astonishment at the first touch of his cock to my slick naked cunt.
I smile mischievously at the unasked question and he shakes his head with his own version of my naughty smile.
“You impatient little minx” he laughs realising I’d never planned to make it home.
He presses me down onto him; I gasp and bite my lip as he fills me. Opening me slowly, watching my face, and enjoying the discomfort and pleasure his entering causes me. He makes it halfway before his own patience cracks and he thrusts up into me, to finish our joining fast and hard.
We kiss frantically, our mouths matching the urgent needs of our bodies; tongues thrusting furiously, wrestling, and pressing hard against each other. Moans escaping in gasps or held hostage in our throats as we reunite after too long apart.
I ride him till my breath catches, my body tightens and he fills me with his claim on me; my body milking every last drop from him, savouring him.
We stay wrapped together looking out on my home town, both aware it is only a matter of time before he stops finding his way back. Weeks, months, years; eventually he will go home for work and leave his Siren Queen of the southern seas with her long green hair behind.
And he did.

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