“Shut up!” he growls sharply.
“Fuck you!”
His hand whips quickly to the back of my head, wrapping the plait around his wrist and hand as he reefs my head back so he can look me in the eye.

“I am telling you for the last time I didn’t do it” he snarls, mouth close to mine.
My heart rate accelerates, adrenalin spurts into my blood stream and I can hear the blood rushing through my body at the feral look in his eyes. He’s not a violent man, has never hit me, but I’ve always known how to get under his skin just so.
I whimper and give a slight nod of my acceptance of his denial. He blinks, anger abating to lust as he observes his hold in my hair, the way my dressing gown had slipped off one shoulder to expose the hurried rise and fall of one naked breast. His spare hand pulls the tie on my robe and helps the heavy satin fall away from my pale body, still dewy from my evening shower.
The annoyance and lust join together and rumble out of his throat as his hand grips my chin and forces my mouth open to his, his tongue pushing into my mouth with quick, fierce thrusts. His grip on my chin disappears before I hear the distinct sound of his belt being unbuckled.  He presses my head down and I go freely, not wanting to make this worse than it already is.
His cock is full and hard, his hand holding it at the base ready, while his fingers on his other hand weave into the hair of my scalp.  He forces my mouth forward to meet the head of his already glistening head, rubbing the smooth skin over my soft lips, my tongue darting out to taste the pre-cum. When the head of his dick presses between my lips I hesitate just for a second, a second long enough for him to have to add pressure and force me to engulf him.
A growl vibrates through him when I let my teeth drag against his sensitive skin, gripping his hips for stability as I settle on my knees. Tears stream from my eyes as he presses deep, finding the back of my throat and deeper still; my body rebelling, gagging, and trying to force the obstruction up. He paused there letting my throat work around him till I stabbed my nails into the sides of his arse.
He pulled back with a groan of bliss, hands fumbling with my hair while I gasped for breath. The silken strands falling free for a moment before his hands fisted handfuls again for leverage and he dragged my hot, wet mouth over his throbbing cock.
It didn’t take very long, never takes very long when I’ve riled him up like this. He thrust gently but purposefully between my lips repeatedly till his dick twitched painfully in my throat, a moan emanating from him like it was riding the waves of the ocean as he poured his anger into me. I moaned my own depraved satisfaction as my body clenched and spasmed a wordless orgasm between my knees.
I was struggling for air when he released me and I fell forward onto all fours, sucking short shallow breaths down my ragged throat.
“God I wish you wouldn’t fire me up Angel” he muttered remorsefully as he tucked himself away and re-zipped.
I pushed back to sit on my ankles leaving the black curtain of my hair over my face to hide the smile tugging at the sides of my mouth as my breathing steadied and I wiped my mouth. His feet shuffled agitatedly as he exhaled laboriously.
“I’ll go out and fix it up. Though for the life of me I really don’t know how it got in such a state.”
He turned and walked out cursing his lack of self-control. Tomorrow he would send me flowers or buy me a little something to apologise and it would be my turn to feel guilty. I heard the back door thud close & lifted my head enough to  see his legs come to a stop in the lounge room door as he stuttered over the sight of me still kneeling naked on the floor.
“I can’t find the key to the shed” he muttered apologetically.
I bit my lip as I cursed my own mess up; I was usually so careful with details. I leant down and pulled my gown to me, searched for the pocket and produced the key. I held it aloft, this time my head hung in shame.
He stood still in the doorway, the slight intake of breath giving away his surprise before he stepped carefully towards me. He paused in front of me, waited a moment longer before I felt his hand relieve mine of the burden.
“Must have been a hard day” he revealed quietly, “for you to stuff up. You’re normally so pedantic.”
I looked up at him surprised, flicking my hair back over my head out of the way.
“How long have you known?” I blurt.
“Since the first time” he chuckles as he takes my hand and helps me to my feet. “There is no way you would stick around if I ever truly mistreated you; you are too smart a woman for that.” He smiled enjoying the surprise on my face as he helped me back into my robe. “You know, you could just ask me to fuck you hard. That way I don’t have to spend an hour afterwards cleaning up whatever disaster you create.”
I huffed tying my robe off, putting a happy peck to his cheek and sauntering off towards our room.
“But Honey, that’s half the fun!”

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