Ruby Kiddell of The Erotic Notebook has started a weekly writing prompt for smut writers called Wank Wednesday. I thought I’d give it a go if for no other reason than it might make me blog more regularly. It’s a little different to my normal writing style but I hope you like it. Apparently there will also be a Fuck Me Friday writing challenge starting soon too. Lot’s of smut happening over here people.


Work had been feral. She climbed the stairs slowly, quietly, intent on a shower to cool down. Her flatmates bedroom door was open as she moved passed, his music going. She stuck her head in to say hi and stopped. There he was, lying on his bed, towel over his face as he stroked his well lubed cock slowly. She should leave, let the man have his private time, but he couldn’t see her, and the sight of him stroking himself so beautifully just enraptured her.
She leant on the door frame and watched his callused labourer’s hands stroke to the rhythm of the music. Her hand slipped up under her suit skirt and beneath the gusset of her panties to find her suddenly wet folds. Her anger diffused a little more with every stroke of his hand, every slip of her finger, and every moan of her gorgeous house mate. He would press down firmly causing a squelch with the lube, and then release his hand like a spring back to the head of his thick cock. Just his method made her breathing pick up as she imagined her cunt clenching tight as she rose quickly, before sliding down over him slowly again.
His pace picked up and she pulled her hand free of her crutch so she could watch the way his hand pumped his engorged cock intently. She waited to see his cum spurt upwards like a geyser and splatter his hard body. She smiled as he slowed his strokes again, his lust sated. The temptation to crawl onto his bed and lick the salty taste of him from his abdomen was too much. She turned away and went to get her pyjamas and waterproof vibrator from her room for her shower.
As she reached the bathroom door he came out of his room, towel from his face in hand, boxer shorts on.
“You’re home” he stammered and looked back at his bedroom door, obviously wondering if she saw or heard him.
“Yeah, shit day so I just came straight home. Was just going to shower” she smiled and tried really hard not to flush at the memory of him wanking.
“I’ll wait then” he smiled lifting the towel to his chest and taking a deep breath.
“Is that my towel” she asked suddenly recognising the towel she’d used during her masturbating session this morning.
She always used a towel to catch her mess when she gushed as she came hard.
“Ah, yeah” he blushed, “it was on the bathroom floor, hope you don’t mind.”
His blush made her remember where he had placed the towel for his wank and she realised he’d been using her cum smell to get off. Just like she used his when she climbed onto his bed this morning after he left for work, put his pillow over her face and fucked herself using his scent on her olfactory senses to make her fantasy seem more real.
“No, not at all” she smiled coyly and walked into the bathroom for what was about to be a very hot shower.

5 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Loved it. It would have been so easy to make the masturbation lead to sex but it's so much better the way you've done it.

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